Adult Ministries

Weekly Ministries

Sunday Morning:
Please see our Sunday Mornings page.

Coffee Hour/Bible Study:  Wednesdays, 9:40 AM
Our Coffee Hour Bible Study group meets on Wednesday mornings at 9:40 AM during the school year.  This is a great time for retirees and people of all ages.  Many faithfully attend and everyone is always welcome.  We begin with refreshments; sing a few songs; and then, using the Chapel Prayer Sheet, we cover every prayer request and take additional requests.  We finish the hour with an in depth Bible study.  This Spring we are continuing our study of the book of John.

Growth Groups:  Various locations and times
This Winter we have four Growth Groups that meet in various locations on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  Growth Groups provide an opportunity to get to know others from the Chapel and also to grow in the Lord.  The topics and discussion are designed to expand on the weekly Sunday morning service message.  Growth Groups usually correspond to the school year calendar.

Service & Missions

NW Missionary Focus:  2nd Saturday of every month
NW Missionary Focus is part of our missionary outreach.  Each month we learn about what is happening on the mission field, abroad and locally, and then we pray for our various missionaries.  For more information, please visit their website at:  http://nwmissionaryfocus.weebly.comAt each meeting one or two missionaries serve as featured speakers.  They share about what the Lord is doing in the country in which they are serving and always have exciting and fascinating news to share about their work.  NW Missionary Focus meets on the 2nd Saturday of every month and rotates among several different churches, including DMGC.

The Des Moines Food Bank
The Des Moines Food Bank is currently housed in the Des Moines United Methodist Church located at 22225 9th Avenue South.  The Food Bank serves a large number of people, and there are many ways you can volunteer.  Des Moines Gospel Chapel gives both financially and through volunteer help.


Spiritual Counseling & Premarital Preparation
Here at Des Moines Gospel Chapel, we are committed to the family and their special needs in today's society.  Our pre-marital preparation program is designed to help young couples considering marriage to objectively review all facets of marriage and clarify Biblical roles and responsibilities.  Experienced spiritual counseling is available when family relationships are hurting.  Please feel free to call the Chapel at 206-878-2145 and we will be happy to arrange counseling to meet your needs.