Growth Groups

Weekly Questions are available here.

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DMGC Growth Groups

Our Growth Groups are a place to build relationships with other DMGC believers with whom you will grow, share, laugh and serve.  We were designed to grow in our relationship with Christ and to thrive in community. The best way to promote spiritual growth is to develop significant Christ-focused relationships.  Growth Groups help us all grow and thrive together.

What’s different than our previous Small Group Fellowships?

  • Growth Groups discuss questions based on the Sunday Family Bible Hour messages.  Questions will be available online and in the Chapel lobby.  This brings more depth to our Bible learning as we all study, hear, and discuss the passages together.  We also have several Growth Groups this year that have chosen other topics relevant to their needs.
  • Size of Growth Groups will be limited to 14-16 people.  This keeps the groups fairly small and personal with enough critical mass to keep momentum.
  • Growth Groups meet for two 10-week sessions during the year and one 6-week session.  The first in the fall, the second starting in January and the third starting after Easter.  Groups take a break during the summer months.
  • A primary goal of Growth Groups is to build strong relationships.  So, when people are choosing a group to join, we encourage them to consider who is in the group instead of just the convenience of the group meeting location and time. 
  • Finally, our hope is that everyone who attends DMGC regularly is a part of a Growth Group and is building strong connections with other Christians at DMGC.

What would a typical schedule look like?

  • A typical meeting would be around 1 1/2-2 hours and include the following:
    • Refreshments:  15 minutes with light refreshments and socializing as people arrive
    • Sharing:  20 minutes for sharing prayer requests and updating one another on what has been going on in our lives
    • Study and Discussion:  45 minutes spent discussing the FBH message  (questions are available on the DMGC website or in the Chapel lobby) or a topic of choice within the group.
    • Prayer:  20 minutes praying together
    • Social:  20 minutes socializing and possibly sharing dessert before heading home

What are the expectations?

  • Folks are free to try out a group for up to 3 weeks without committing to the 10-week session.  After 3 weeks, participants are asked to commit to the 10-week group session.
  • After each 10-week session, people have the option to continue in the same group or try out another group.
  • Group members are expected to be regular attendees of the meetings, pray for one another and participate in the discussions.
  • Groups are also asked to participate in one to two service projects per year and one social event per 10-week session.