Upcoming Events

  • Growth Groups  - A new winter series has begun for 2018 which follows along with our Sunday series, "God Loves You. He Always Has, He Always Will."  Growth Groups are a great way to strengthen your faith and build friendships at DMGC.  Sign up now in the Main Auditorium.
  • Cafe Conversations  - DMGC ladies, we will meet at various coffee shops on January 20th for fellowship and fun.  Sign up today if you want to go.  
  • The DMGC Women's Retreat  - Ladies, sign up this Sunday for the Lakeside Bible Camp Women's Retreat from February 2-4.  Our theme this year is "Be Still."  Come on up and have some time to "be still" and worship God in the beauty of camp and enjoy fellowship with other ladies from DMGC.